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Vladislav Kostijerčević
Grečka d.o.o. Belgrade

  1. Eurošped is our choice because of Željko and the good team of associates. They are efficient and always manage to resolve all the issues, whether big or small, in our favour.

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Olja Kustudić
Director of Foreign Trade
Lučar d.o.o. Novi Sad

  1. Lučar has been cooperating with Eurošped from Vršac for over ten years, to our mutual satisfaction. Together, we have imported hundreds of trucks full of goods, mainly from the Eastern European region. From the very beginning, the relationship between our two companies has been fair, truthful and friendly.

    Eurošped has everything we expect from a freight forwarder: know-how, competence, experience, kindness and willingness to help with any problem in importing, exporting or transporting goods.